‘Summer Always in Bloom’ is theme for Garden & Hobby Club flower show

All gardeners invited to participate; all invited to view and vote

The Springfield Garden and Hobby Club will hold their 45th Annual Flower Show on Wednesday, August 1, in the lobby at the Farmers & Merchants Bank.

Theme of this year’s show is Summer Always in Bloom.  All gardeners are encouraged to participate in the show. Entries will be received at the F&M Bank from 9:00 to 10:00 on August 1. The show will be from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  All are welcome to view, vote and register for a door prize. Each person viewing the show may vote for their favorite arrangement and favorite specimen.  Voting will go until 1:30.  A prize will be awarded by the F&M Bank  for the arrangement with the most votes and the specimen with the most votes.  Flowers will be released for pickup at 2:30.  

The categories are as follows:

Division 1, Arrangements: Section 1, Mixed arrangement; Section 2, Flowers in a vase; Section 3, Three (3) Lilies in an arrangement; Section 4, Miniature, not to exceed 5” each direction; Section 5, Green arrangement; Section 6, Exhibitor’s choice.

Division 2 — Specimens: A. Shrub Rose; B. Floribunda Rose; C. Any other rose; D. Glads; E. Large Zinnia; F. Small Zinnia; G. Large Marigold; H. Small Marigold; I. Daylily; J. Other Lily; K. Hosta, 3 leaves of same variety; L. Large Dahlia; M. Small Dahlia; N. Any other flower. 

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