Gen Moe at 104 years

104 candles for Gen’s cake

Gen Moe will observe her 104th birthday on October 8

“I can hardly believe it,” said Gen Moe as she reflected on her 104th birthday that she’ll observe  tomorrow.

Gen resides at St. John Lutheran Home. She spends her days listening to audio books, keeping up with current events by television news, and enjoys visiting with residents and staff at the home. She continues to participate in exercise and sing-along sessions and Resident Council. She attends religious services and the various programs of music and entertainment performed at the home. 

Macular degeneration has caused her blindness so she can no longer read, do needlework or crossword puzzles.  She remains bright and cheerful, and makes the best of life despite infirmities of old age.

The most difficult thing about being 104 years old, she said, is “losing long-time friends.”

Gen is anticipating a simple observance of her birthday with her family.

A year ago, Gen said she would celebrate with a party on her 105th birthday. Now her family reminds her of that promise for a party next year. 

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