Tammy Kieper, on the left, is pictured with Char Frank of Springfield Floral with some of the bouquets that were delivered last Thursday and Friday.

Brighter days with Springtime bouquets

With an act of generosity, Tammy Kieper brought smiles to many local residents last week. Kieper purchased 128 Spring bouquets filled with carnations and snapdragons from Springfield Floral. She asked that the bouquets be delivered to residents and tenants at  St. John’s Home, Cottonwood Ridge, The Maples and Riverview Homestead. 

“I just wanted to brighten the day of all residents,” said Kieper. 

Kieper made many people happy with her thoughtfulness. The Activities staff at St. John’s Home delivered the bouquets to residents. “They said  one resident cried and said ‘it is so nice that a stranger is thinking of us.’, there were many, many smiles and thank you’s.  Many “Oh what a nice surprise”, said Deb Beyer at St. John’s Home. 

“The staff had so much fun delivering them to everyone and the nurses’ stations and front desk. They were beautifully arranged and Kevin Schwartz-the delivery guy from Springfield Floral is always sweet and fun to work with. He put the vases on our carts and we wheeled them and started delivering,” said Beyer. 

In addition to brightening the day of residents at St. John Lutheran Home campus, Kieper’s generosity also brightened the day of local business, Springfield Floral. 

“I also wanted to support local businesses. We have to help the small businesses through these trying times,” said Kieper adding, “Char does a really nice job and I wanted to cheer up the people and help get them through these times.” 

“It brought life to us, to know that people are supporting us,” said Char Frank, owner of Springfield Floral. 

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