Birthday Celebration!

Celebrating birthdays for seventy-three years


This group has been celebrating birthdays together for the past seventy-three years.  Organized by Elsie Schwartz, Elizabeth Vanderwerf and Peggy Bredvold, the friends, cousins and relatives celebrated at the birthday celebrant’s home in the early years.  It progressed to a monthly celebration in area parks in the summer months.  Each event included a big potluck dinner complete with cake and a ball game.  The group gathered April 18 at the The Maples to help Peggy  celebrate her 102nd birthday.  From left:  Barb Vanderwerf, Elizabeth Vanderwerf, Peggy Bredvold, Elsie Schwartz, Arliss Petersen, Marlys Vanderwerf, Bob Vanderwerf, Richard Petersen, Darlene Trapp, Doug Vanderwerf and Kevin Schwartz.