St. John Lutheran Home at St. John’s Circle of Care

Celebrating Life’s Stories

National Nursing Home Week May 13-19

The people at St. John Lutheran Home are excited to celebrate National Nursing Home Week May 13-19.

This year’s theme, “Celebrating Life’s Stories,” serves as a tribute to life’s most significant events, relationships and experiences that shape the unique perspectives of residents, families, staff and volunteers in the surrounding communities.

At St. John Lutheran Home each person has a unique story to tell.  If you take the time to listen to how their life’s events, relationships and experiences have shaped who they are today, you’ll cultivate a shared sense of purpose and deeper understanding of their lives.

National Nursing Home Week spotlights nursing home residents and staff and encourages everyone to celebrate the elders who make a positive difference in the lives of every American. A supportive and caring environment, such as St. John Lutheran Home, provides enrichment for residents and families to continue growing, learning and teaching through various ways. The week also provides an opportunity to honor everyone who contributes to St. John Lutheran Home — residents, family members, employees and volunteers.

People who choose to go into geriatric care are often caring, patient people. They like to help others, and really enjoy getting to know their patients, and they find it’s like an extended family. 


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