Children experience the joy of giving!

Chase Groebner, 10, son of Nick and Sarah Groebner, remembers the day his family’s home burned in Clements on April 10, 2013. “I lost a lot of my stuff,” he recalled.   That included a number of stuffed animals in his bedroom. “I felt so bad,” he said.  

He was impressed with the kindness and generosity of so many people who helped his family replace things lost in the fire, and he wanted to do the same for others. “People gave of lots of things — clothes and toys,” he said, last week as he distributed stuffed animals at St. John’s Circle of Care.

On his tenth birthday April 25, 2015, his family hosted a birthday party and third- and fourth-graders in his classroom at St. Raphael School were invited. Chase asked that, instead of gifts for himself, that his young guests bring stuffed animals, so that he might give them away to others and experience the joy of giving.  

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