Everett Muske curling abroad.

Curling is all in the family

Curling is a sport that has history with the Sharp and Muske families.  Paul and Jo Muske’s family has enjoyed the sport for many years.

The Everett and Donna Jean Sharp Senior Open Bonspiel took place on January 10-12, 2020 at the Heather Curling Club in Mapleton, Minnesota.  A bonspiel is a curling tournament.

Curling is a sport of Scottish roots in which teams of players slide large granite stones across a sheet of ice toward a target.  Teammates can help direct the curl of the stone by sweeping with special brooms in the stone’s path.

Everett and Donna Jean Sharp were Josephine Muske’s parents.  Direct descendents who participated in the tournament included the children of Paul and Jo Muske:  Michael Muske of Minnetonka, Matthew Muske of Springfield, Jonathan Muske of Windom and Jeanette Pidde of Springfield.

In addition to the curling tournament, there was a time of gathering and remembrance for the descendants, relatives and friends of Everett and Donna Jean Sharp, where stories were told of their love of the game.  

Everett curled abroad during his lifetime,  including tournaments in Canada and Scotland.  Of Scottish ancestry, Everett was known for his unique way of sliding across the ice upon throwing his stone, his underhanded method of sweeping and his laugh that was often heard around the club.

Donna Jean was remembered for her competitive nature and her knowledge and enforcement of curling etiquette.

The Muske family had two teams participating in the tournament.  One team included Paul Muske, Michael Muske, Jordan Pidde and Jeanette Pidde.  The other team included Matt Muske, Jonathan Muske, Eli Muske and Carolyn Becker.

The bonspiel was a great tribute to Everett and Donna Jean by their descendants and friends.

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