Glenna Boyle and her son, Frank Boyle, speak to attendees at the program dedicating a garden to their late husband and father, Dr. Francis J. Boyle, at the Mayo Clinic Health System in Springfield Friday afternoon. Hospital Administrator Scott Thoreson is at the right.

Dr. Francis J. Boyle remembered with Memorial Garden at hospital/clinic

The family and friends of the late Dr. Francis J. Boyle gathered at the Mayo Clinic Health System facility in Springfield the afternoon of Friday, May 11, to remember him and dedicate a memorial garden.

The garden is located on the east side of the south wing of the hospital/clinic building.

The outline design of the  garden “looks like a bow tie design,” said Hospital Administrator Scott Thoreson, who spoke to the group that included a large group of MCHS employees in the hospital/clinic meeting room.  (Bow ties had been Dr. Boyle’s signature for years.)  The garden has an established big tree and has been planted with a young flowering Crabapple Tree, Gold Mound Spirea, Karl Forester Grass, Strawberry Sundae Hydrangea, Taunton Yew and Crimson Pigmy Barberry.  A sign will be placed in the garden in the future to remember Dr. Boyle who was a family practitioner serving the Springfield health care community from 1958-1995.

“Dr. Boyle reminded me of Dr. Marcus Welby,” recalled Thoreson. Dr. Welby was the title character in the American medical drama television program that aired from 1969-1976.  The show starred Robert Young as a family practitioner with a kind bedside manner, who was on a first name basis with many of his patients. 

“Dr. Boyle was very beloved by the entire hospital/clinic staff. He was a country doctor who did it all,” including taking after-hour calls, on weekends and holidays, Thoreson said.  He didn’t take a lot of time off but Thursday afternoons was his day to play golf.  However, he was frequently called off the golf course to return to the hospital to care for a patient.  Dr. Boyle’s son, Mike, now an attorney who lives in New Ulm,  recalled that his dad took Christmas Day calls in order that the younger physicians could spend the entire day with their young families.   “Dr. Boyle was very practical, had common sense and did his fair share and more to the very end. He was very kind, and very generous and took care of his patients like  they were family members,” Thoreson recalled. 


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