Jan Krieg and her grand championship floral arrangement

Jan Krieg captures top honors in flower show

Jan Krieg claimed both the grand championship and sweepstakes awards at the Springfield Garden and Hobby Club’s forty-second annual flower show held at the Farmers & Merchants Bank Friday, August 7.

She received blue ribbons on all six of her entries in the show and it was her arrangement of yellow mixed flowers, entered in Section 9 — Lemon Curd — that captured the coveted purple ribbon. The arrangement contained a gladiolus stem, rudbeckia, quilled mums, and golden rod accented with greens and ninebark.

Ribbons and cash prizes were provided by the Farmers & Merchants Bank. Grandmother’s Tea Party was the show theme.  The winners in the various categories were as follows: 


Division 1 

Artistic arrangements

Arrangement in a cup and saucer: Jan Krieg, and Diana Scholtz, first; Rose Lee, second; and Amanda Eischen, and Fern Meine, third.

Arrangement incorporating a teapot: Laura Bast, first; Barb Tomschin, second; and Rose Lee, and Fern Meine, third.

Twin arrangement in sugar and creamer: Jan Krieg, first; Fern Meine, second; and Agnes Wolf, and Rose Lee, third.

Arrangement in silver container: Carly Krieg, first; and Karen Shiveley, second.

Arrangement using linen and / or lace: Jan Krieg, first.

Low arrangement using one or more candles: Laura Bast, first; Rose Lee, second; and Barb Tomschin, third.

Arrangement using roses: Rose Lee, first; and Laura Bast, second.

All green arrangement: Jan Krieg, first; Carly Krieg, second; and Agnes Wolf, third.

Yellow flowers arrangement: Jan Krieg, first; Laura Bast, second; and Diana Scholtz, and Barb Tomschin, third.

White flowers arrangement: Jan Krieg, first; Agnes Wolf, second; and Fern Meine, third;

Miniature arrangement: Rose Lee, first; Carly Krieg, second; and Fern Meine, and Diana Scholtz, third.

Mixed arrangement using five colors: Laura Bast, and Austin Augustin, first; Barb Tomschin, second; and Rose Lee, and Diana Scholtz, third.

Three flowers in a mug: Ali Trapp, Miles Tomaszewski, and Sutter Green, first; Abby Augustin, Brayden Trapp, and Greyson Tomaszewski, second; and Hailey Green, Paige Green and Riley  Tomaszewski, third.

Arrangement of exhibitor’s choice: Abby Augustin, first.


Division 2 Specimens

Roses —Tea rose: Agnes Wolf, first; and Nancy Eischen, second. Any other rose: Bob Kratz, first; and Marilyn Kratz, second.

Gladiola — Large glad: Marilyn Kratz, Miles Tomaszewski, and Jan Krieg, first. Mini glad: Carly Krieg, Greyson Tomaszewski, Tiffany Trapp, Bob Kratz, Roland Richert and Austin Augustin, second; and Lenore Richert, third.

Zinnia — Large zinnia: Roland Richert, first; Lenore Richert, second; and Fern Meine, and Bob Kratz, third.  Small zinnia: Hailey Green, and Bob Kratz, first; Sutter Green, second; and Molly Carnell, and Paige Green, third.

Marigold — Large: Edna Petersen, first; Anna Petersen, and Diana Scholtz, second; and Hailey Green, and Ralph Petersen, third.  Small marigold: Ralph Petersen, Rose Lee, and Hailey Green, first; Anna Petersen, Edna Petersen, Roland Richert, Lenore Richert, Vonda Carnell, and Paige Green, second; and Sutter Green and Sara Haugo, third.

Daylily — Jan Krieg, first; and Austin Augustin, second. Other lily: Jan Krieg, first; Amanda Eischen, and Carly Krieg, second. 

Hosta: Edna Petersen, and Karen Shiveley, first; Agnes Wolf, and Ralph Petersen, second; and Carly Krieg, and Jan Krieg, third.

Dahlia: Large dahlia: Austin Augustin,  Riley Tomaszewski, Karen Shiveley, and Carly Krieg, first; Jan Krieg, and Miles Tomaszewski, third. Small Dahlia: Austin Augustin, first; Carly Krieg, and Jan Krieg, second; and Abby Augustin, third.

Any other flower: Edna Petersen, first; Fern Meine, and Marilyn Kratz, second; and Agnes Wolf, third.

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