Ochs Brick on display in Maryland

A brick from Ochs Brick and Tile Co. made a long journey to the National Master Bricklayer Training Center in Maryland. 

For over 100 years, Ochs Brick Company led the brick industry in quality and innovation. The Ochs Brick and Tile Co. was founded by Adolph Casimir “A.C” Ochs in 1891. Over the years Ochs Brick used innovation to weather industry changes. 

In 2008 Ochs Brick was purchased by Acme Brick of Texas. In 2016 they closed the brick facilities. 

The Springfield brick plant was the state’s final brick plant.   

Dave Wysocki, an instructor at International Masonry Institute was visiting Springfield when he saw a pair of  Ochs bricks in Tommy’s Central Street Steakhouse. 

“Dave said this is just wonderful,” said John Sagan. 

Sagan further explained that Wysocki asked for one of the bricks so he could take it to the International Masonry Institute National Training Center in Bowie, Maryland for display. 

Tommy’s gave Wysocki an Ochs brick and with Wysocki’s help the brick now rests in a glass case at the training center. 

The International Masonry Training and Education Foundation provides training, certifications and continuing education programs to the members of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. 

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