School Class of District 79

For Old Time’s Sake

School photo taken in School District 79, Cottonwood County in 1934. Front, from left: Warren Johnson, Nathan Johnson, Agnes Neeb, Lorraine Pabst, ____Johnson, Julian Johnson and Addy  Brown.  Middle Row: Albert Pabst, Marvin Brown, Delaine Essig, Alice Kastner, Peggy Pabst, Ivan Brown and Esther Simpson. Back Emil Pabst, Alvin Essig, ___ Lee, Mabel Brown, Thelma Fults, Viola Weber and Marlow Essig.  The picture was taken on a warm late spring day or an early fall day — note the barefoot children.  This picture was submitted by Peggy (Pabst) Bredvold, who noted that she walked a mile to school and a mile back home again after classes. 

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