Members of the American Legion Auxiliary Past President’s Parley

Past President’s Parley disbands


The Springfield American Legion Post #257 Auxiliary Past President’s Parley met for their spring dinner and meeting on Wednesday, April 26 at the Legion Clubroom.  During the business meeting there was much discussion among the seven members present as to the future of the organization.  The group voted to disband the Past President’s Parley.

The Past President’s Parley is made up of all those who have served as President of the Springfield American Legion Auxiliary.  The group has met twice a year for a dinner and meeting.  The organization’s main yearly event has been hosting the Teacher’s Tea during Teacher Appreciation/National Education Week each fall.

Three local Parley members who became Minnesota Second District Presidents were Mrs. R.J. (Lydia) Mueller in 1931, Mrs. Otto (Maude) Lehrer in 1942 and Mrs. Walter (Ethel) Moat in 1962.  Local Auxiliary Presidents through the years include Mrs. John Watson, Mrs. Frank Pieschel, Mrs. A.L. Domeier, Mrs. Bernard Kreitinger, Mrs. Delbert Stark, Mrs. Mervin Billing, Mrs. Arlon Voge, Mrs. Henry Pankratz, Mrs. Wilfred Steinke, Mrs. Lorenzo Lindmeier, Mrs. Walter Potter, Mrs. Dan Koop, Mrs. Lowell Hartwick, Mrs. Roy Moe, Mrs. Elmer Jenson, Mrs. Richard Renner, Mrs. Robert Block, Mrs. John Weiss, Mrs. George Gaffney, Mrs. Vernard Honl, Mrs. Clayton Hoffman, Mrs. Lucille Mathiowetz, Mrs. Gudelia Fox, Mrs. Glen Erickson, Mrs. John Altenhofen, Mrs. John Gluth, Mrs. Don Wall, Mrs. A.O. Severson, Mrs. Pat Ginther, Mrs. Frank Marz, Mrs. Victor Rummel, Mrs. Robert Rogotzke, Mrs. Tom Honl, Mrs. Elvin Stern, Mrs. Leon Haala, Mrs. Frank Schnobrich, Mrs. Richard Petersen, Mrs. Dale Potter, Mrs. Bruce Runck, Mrs. Kelvin Bast, Mrs. Matt Solmonson and Mrs. Richard Sturm.

The ladies voted to donate all remaining funds to the Springfield Public Library to purchase children’s picture books, junior fiction books and adult fiction books.