Reunion of Americans and Aussies was heartwarming on a cold day

The American family and friends of Kylie, Chris, Ben and Sophie Warner of Melbourne, Australia, gathered in a warm garage at the home of Kevin Wendt on a cold day, January 10, to honor the Aussies.  Kylie Fuller Warner was an international student at Springfield High School during the 1982-83 academic year when she lived with the family of Harold and Marlys Wendt.  The group gathered for a potluck lunch, watched the Vikings-Seahawks football game on television, and played cards and board games.  Pictured, front from left:  Tristan Fabian, Layla Honl, Parker Honl, Brayden Wendt, Ben Warner, Kylie Warner, Christopher Warner, Sophie Warner, Ashley Larson and Eileen Connly. Second row: Darla Wendt, Craig Wendt, Alex Larson, Tyler Larson, Britany Wersal, Kristin Baumann and Rhonda Larson.  Third row:  Katie Macht, Travis Wendt, Cody Wendt, Melissa Honl, Scott Honl, Kevin Wendt, Anne Wersal and Clyde Moret.  Back: Randy Wendt, Emily Wendt, Courtney Wendt, Rod Larson, Joe Wendt, Kelsey Moret and Adam Moret.

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