Peggy Bredvold received birthday gifts with the help of nursing staff members Beki Gewerth and Jennifer Guetter in the lobby entrance of The Maples. On Saturday, Peggy was honored with a “car parade” by her “Coffee Ladies” group.

Six feet apart birthday surprise

Social distancing is the new norm these days.  Six feet away from the normal world we once had and with what we have grown accustom to for the time being.

In spite of the pandemic that is taking its toll on millions of people around the world, it was a great day when Alma “Peggy” Bredvold celebrated her 99th birthday April 4.  “Peggy has lived and seen almost everything in her 99 years she has been around—from the Great Depression to the Coronavirus.  She has so much heart and so many stories that outweigh the negative impacts that our society has faced over the years.  Talk to her for a few minutes and she will make you forget about the world events going on around us and appreciate what we do and should have around us at this very minute,” stated her grandson, Brian Evers.

Carolyn Evers, Peggy’s daughter, and son, Brian, celebrated a unique and special occasion that will only happen once in our lifetime.  Many people have celebrated birthdays with family and friends over the years.  This, however, was a unique birthday where being six feet apart with a loved one was even more special with the simplest ways making the day memorable and cherished for Peggy.  Brian and Carolyn surprised Peggy by visiting her at The Maples with the help of the remarkable staff of nurses who brought her a few special gifts plus phone calls she received from other family members during the day.

Grandson Brian concluded, “Happy Birthday Grandma Peggy! You deserve it!” —  Six feet apart and a long-lasting smile.

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