St. John’s Auxiliary Officers, from left: Judy Weedman, Cheryl Diede, Marianne Schotzko, Pat Ryan, Marge Prokosch, Jane Evers, Jan Severson, Carlotta Lindeman, Loretta Amsden and Maxine Meine.

St. John’s Auxiliary donates chairs to St. John’s Circle of Care

St. John’s Auxiliary has donated four By The Yard - Day End chairs for the front entrance of St. John Lutheran Home. 

Thanks to this generous donation the residents at St. John’s can comfortably enjoy the summer weather! St. John’s Auxiliary’s mission has been to help enhance the lives of both the residents and the staff of St. John Circle of Care.  The auxiliary has contributed monetarily to dozens of projects and given countless hours of volunteer time in faithful fulfillment of its mission.  New members are welcome; everyone (men, women and children) are invited to join.  The $3 membership may be left at the St. John Lutheran Home front desk or given to any auxiliary officer or church representative.  Current officers and church representatives are:  President Marianne Schotzko, Vice-President Maxine Meine, Secretary Jane Evers, Treasurer Pat Ryan, Representatives from local churches Carlotta Lindemann, Margie Prokosch, Jan Severson, Amy Vogel, Judy Weedman, Cheryl Diede, and Loretta Amsden.  

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