Tips for Tackling Holiday Stress

 If the holidays are such a time of joy for children, why is it that the older one is sulking and the younger one sobbing?  It could be a case of overload.  There is so much expectation and stimulation during the holidays that their little brains short-circuit.  Here is how to make sure this time of “peace on earth” remains just that for you, your children, and grandchildren.  

Pick your battles.  Stand firm on the important stuff (manners, sharing) and let the rest slide.  If she wants to wear bells on her toes, let her.  

Do not force them to perform for guests.  Yes, he is adorable when he sings, but if he does not want to, back off.  

Schedule quiet time.  Usually, children act up because they are overtired.  Make sure they get breaks from the noise and activities of the holidays.  

Pave Santa’s way.  If your son or grandson wants a new electronic game system, and there is no way he is getting one, negotiate a second choice.  

Plan for the letdown.  Arrange something fun (a family board game) so that everyone does not get the blues after the last gift is ripped open.  

Use these simple tips to assure “peace on earth” for your family this holiday season.  

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