Springfield Fire Department

2020 National Fire Prevention Week is happening now

This week is the annual National Fire Prevention Week. The yearly campaign focuses on educating people about the simple, yet important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe.  Representing Springfield Fire Department is Back row from left: Tim Gramentz, Randy Wendt, Brian Veenstra, Doug Walton, Todd Windschitl, Paul Simonson, Travis Wendt,  Chris Gartner, Brandon Marks, Nick Fast, Cody Groebner and Joel Pingeon.

Front Row From Left: Brian Fuhrmann, Kyle Veenstra, Gabe Salonek, Steve Hornick, Josh Gramentz, Danny Christensen, Nick Klisch, Jeff Weisensel, Dale Knutson, Victor Thatcher and Bryant Krebs.  Check out our back page for more about our local fire department and the 2020 National Fire Prevention Week. 

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