After New Ulm vote, 2020 State Tournament in flux

On Friday, July 24, the New Ulm City Council unanimously voted to rescind their July 7 decision to host the 2020 State Tournament. 

While there were several factors that prompted the council to change their decision, they’re all related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

New Ulm Council President Charlie Schmitz said, “On July 7 we had 31 cases of the coronavirus in Brown County. Today we have 63. It took four months to go from zero to 31 and it took 20 days or less to double that. I think it could be a serious risk to proceed with this tournament.” 

In addition, the council received letters asking them to reconsider their original motion  including one signed by numerous physicians from the New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC).   

With the New Ulm decision, Springfield’s involvement in the tournament is up in the air. 

The Springfield City Council can choose to do as New Ulm did, and rescind their decision in their involvement in the tournament. To do so it would require special action from council through calling a special meeting. 

The MBA has stated on their website, that they will hold a 2020 state tournament. 

As of our press deadline (Monday July 27, 2020) Springfield, is still scheduled to serve as a host site. 

The city and baseball association will continue to prepare for co-hosting the tournament and collaborate with all parties involved to ensure the guidelines are followed to the letter as well as have plans in place to provide as safe an experience as possible. 

The MBA Board of Directors is scheduled to meet on the evening of Monday ,July 27, 2020 to determine details for the 2020 state tournament.

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