Luke Amsden

Amsden named Springfield Teacher of the Year

Luke Amsden has been named the 2022 Teacher of the Year at Springfield Public School by the Springfield Education Association.  A member of the faculty for five years, he feels honored to be selected for the distinction by his peers.

Luke always enjoyed school and athletics.  “Coming out of high school, I wanted to go into education.  I changed my path to business for a brief time, before returning to and ultimately sticking with education,” he stated in a recent interview.  His older sister and brother are both elementary teachers—Jennifer Altermatt has third grade in Springfield and Michael Amsden has fifth grade at ACGC—and they played a big role in influencing him to become an educator.  “I was extremely fortunate to have great high school coaches, many of which were also my teachers.  Those positive experiences and relationships certainly lead me to a future in education and teaching, too,” he added.


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