Baily and Kalista Hacker and their mother, Charlie Hacker, were returning the Bikes with Stripes to the bike rack when they were seen by the Advance-Press Editor who stopped for a brief interview and picture.

Bikes with stripes get good use!

Springfield’s new Bike Share Program is getting good use and is appreciated by those who use the bikes. The free Bike Share Program is for people who would like to ride a bike for exercise, for fun, and maybe for shopping within Springfield.

Charlie and Jonathon Hacker and daughters, Kalista, 13, and Baily, 9, of Richmond, Virginia, visited Springfield last week, and the girls used the bikes for a jaunt about town.   Jonathon is the son of Kevin and Tammy Hacker of Richmond, and the grandson of Richard and Arliss Petersen of Springfield.  Jonathon Hacker is the grandson of the late George and Helen Hacker.

“We learned about the bikes from Amanda” Petersen, who with her daughter, Brooklyn, have used them, noted Charlie.  During a trip to Springfield’s central business district Wednesday, they spotted the bikes.  Charlie, Kalista and Baily removed the bikes from the rack on the corner of Central Street and O’Connell Avenue and pedaled their way to Brown’s Park and other places about town. 

The visitors were very impressed with Springfield’s fine parks and playgrounds, the variety of playground equipment and recreational amenities. 

The Bike Share Program, called Bikes with Stripes for the unique “zebra-stripe” look, was initiated by the Springfield Community Wellness Team, and was funded with a grant from the Pieschel Family Foundation. 

The City of Springfield and Community Wellness Team encourage use of the bikes and ask that users of the bikes treat them with respect, obey the rules of the road, and return them to the rack.

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