Roger and Julie Prechel planted the new Emerald Arborvitae at the City Cemetery.  The new shrubs were a gift given to the Association’s Tree Fund.

City Cemetery beautified with tree gift

The Springfield City Cemetery, located about one mile southeast of Springfield, recently received a monetary gift to it’s Tree Fund.  The Tree Fund was established in 1996 to raise funds to replace trees within the cemetery as needed.  “We have planted trees around the perimeter of the circle area of the cemetery and replaced the south evergreen tree line.  There have also been plantings in the original area of the cemetery,” commented Amy Baier, a member of the Cemetery Association Board.  “We have had several very nice donations from families that have made the tree planting possible,” she added.

The recent gift to the Tree Fund was used to purchase Emerald Arborvitae that were planted to beautify the area around the utility shed at the cemetery.  Improvements like the Arborvitae are dependent on gifts to the cemetery.

The cemetery is an Association.  All lot owners are part of the Association.  “The name, Springfield City Cemetery, is a little deceiving,” Roger Prechel, Association President said.  “It leads one to believe it is funded by the City of Springfield, but it is not.  There are no city, county or state funds to help defray costs.  The only income we receive is from the sale of burial lots and burial fees.  At times, the cemetery struggles to survive,” he added.

The board has established certain fund categories.  This enables them to know how much money they have to run the cemetery.  There is a General Fund for day-to-day operations, a Perpetual Care Fund for long-term care of premises such as the lawn mower or upkeep of the utility shed, a Snow Removal Fund for when a burial happens in the winter months and a Tree Fund for the replacement of trees.

Along with the sale of burial lots and burial fees, the Association also appreciates gifts and memorials given specifically to the cemetery General Fund or Tree Fund.  “We developed envelopes that are available at the funeral home to be used for memorials.  At different times, we are asked to do special improvements or people give us input on what they believe would make the cemetery better.  

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