MLA Architects drawing for Concessions and Restrooms project in Riverside Park sports complex

City Council approves facilities for Riverside Park sports complex

The Springfield City Council, during their regular monthly meeting the evening of August 20, accepted the proposal of Salonek, Inc. to construct a concessions and restrooms building in the Riverside Park sports complex area.

The Council, during their July 23 meeting, reviewed the only bid received on the building and plaza but sent plans back to the drawing board to determine what could be changed to lower construction costs.  Councilors voted to accept Salonek’s bid of $584,744 for the project contingent on value engineering and change orders to match available funding.

While Project Manager Ryan Breisch worked on the value engineering, Springfield Baseball Association members solicited more donations for the project.  Salonek, Inc. proposed various change orders, eliminating some features, and substituting some building materials for others that provided credits totaling $132,116. That brought the project into reach with a total of $452,628; however, it didn’t provide for contingencies, and, in addition, Springfield Baseball representatives rejected a proposed aluminum ramp in lieu of the original concrete design ($8,500), and they didn’t want the plaza area reduced nor steps relocated ($6,850), which increased the costs $15,350. 

Cash and pledges amounted to $442,000 as of August 19, Dale “Lumber” Lindmeier and Steve “Davis” Helget told the Council last week, and said they had solicited another $57,000 to bring the funding to $499,000. “We’re not done fundraising,” said Lindmeier.  “We are very confident we will have the money and possibly overage to do more.”

While Councilors voted unanimously to move forward with the project, there wasn’t 100 percent happiness.  

“With increased utility rates, a big levy expected, and upcoming major street projects . . . . now we are building a fancy, dancy concessions building,” said Councilor Theresa Beckman thinking about concerns of taxpayers. 

“Nobody should complain” about the project,” Lindmeier said. “It’s all donated money.”

(The City of Springfield and the Springfield School District each originally contributed $25,000 to the project.)

“It’s perception. That’s logic,” Councilor Beckman replied

“We have reached the target, and we will continue to raise money to finish the project,” Lindmeier stated, asking for more time to raise more money.

“If there are overages will it come from the city?” Councilor Mike Rothmeier asked?

“It won’t happen,” replied Lindmeier.

The Council voted to okay to project with fund-raising of $501,000 having been reached.

The Council also okayed improvements to the Press Box and Grandstand — new windows and doors — at a cost of $11,395.53. 

The conversation got more contentious as the Baseball Association reps recommended another $14,000 of improvements including bullpens, fencing and painting of grandstand.  

Councilors approved of the painting, but didn’t allow more money, and that riled the Baseball Association reps.


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