Candidates running for Brown County Commissioner Fifth District.

County Commissioner candidates actively seek the job

Four men are running for Brown County Commissioner Fifth District, currently represented by Dennis Potter of Springfield who is currently in his twelfth year in the job and is not seeking a fourth term.  


We are fortunate to have four candidates interested in the job, willing to serve, and actively seeking the position. They are conducting a lively campaign with signs, brochures and advertisements. They are attending public meetings, and they have been going door-to-door to introduce themselves and seek information from the people regarding what they want in a County Commissioner. Each of the candidates are good men and have been introduced in this newspaper with a personal profile, but still some of our readers would like to know more about the candidates to make their choices at the ballot box.


How can you tell if someone running for local office will do a good job?  How can you ensure that he will improve your Brown County community’s economy? How can you figure out who is going to uphold strong community principles and take a thoughtful incremental approach to the challenges of the job?  We have asked each of the candidates three important questions to help you make up your mind. For that information, turn to Page 2 and 3 in this newspaper.

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