Doris Weber celebrates 60 years at the Springfield Advance-Press.

Doris Weber to celebrate 60 years at Advance-Press

January 8, 2018, marked a 60-year milestone for Springfield Advance-Press Editor, Doris Weber,

Doris has worn many hats since joining the A-P staff in January 1958 as a Society Editor, gathering all sorts of social mews. Throughout the years just some of her duties have included bookkeeping, receptionist, payroll, composition, circulation management, reporter, photographer, advertising and commercial printing sales. In 1981 she became the editor. During those 37 years she has met over 3,120 deadlines never letting the pressure get to her.

Writing the story is Doris’ true calling. She thrives on the dozens of phone calls, personal interviews, attention to details as she gathers information for the small meeting to the hard to handle stories of local tragedy. Everything she writes has her personal touch. She knows her readers and her community.

Doris is well known in the community. She actively serves on the Springfield Area Nativity Theatre Association, Springfield Area Foundation, Springfield Historical Society and Community Facilities Committee. She is a well deserving recipient of the Spirit of Springfield Award and the KEYC Good People Award.

Please join us this Friday, January 26, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. for an Open House reception at the Springfield Museum to honor Doris in celebration of her dedicated accomplishments to both the newspaper and the community.

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