Fall musical cast is announced

Artistic Director Cheryl Neidt has announced the cast the upcoming fall musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Auditions were held the last week in June.

Russell Beers will be cast as Young Joseph and Leo Hovland will be Older Joseph.  Jacob, father of Joseph and the eleven other sons, will be played by Jack Hartjes.  His eleven sons will be Zach Granda, Caleb Hauger, Jeff Krueger, Jeffrey Kuehn, Kierin Lafferty, Grady Meendering, Noah Mueller, Jace Rosenau, Donovin Weber, Frederick Plaetz and Kameron Bigelow.  Pharoah, the powerful Egyptian ruler, will be played by Bryan Green and Potiphar, the rich Egyptian capitalist who buys Joseph as a slave, will be played by Jeff Krueger.  Potiphar’s Assistants will be Kierin Lafferty, Jace Rosenau and Donovin Weber.  Mrs. Potiphar, the seductive wife who likes to get her way, will be played by Brianna Jensen and her “gals” are Brittany Dracht, Janet Holm, Sue Huls, Taylor Milbrath, Carli Petersen and Jeanette Pidde.  The wives of Jacob’s sons will be portrayed by Melanie Cook, Brittany Dracht, Janet Holm, Sue Huls, Wendy Imker, Brianna Jensen, Allysa Kelton, Heidi McCone, Taylor Milbrath, Katie Mueller, Carli Petersen and Jeanette Pidde.  Allysa Kelton is cast as the Baker and Kiera Lafferty as the Butler.  The Ishmaelites will be Violet Hovland, Lilly McCone, Erika Wells and Sydne Wahl.

The production includes a lot of music and choreography as is evident in most of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musicals.  Kelly Steffen will be the choreographer, Bailey Cords will be the Vocal Music Director and Erin Oberle will be the Instrumental/Pit Orchestra Director.  The Narrators who tell the story to the audience in song will be Sarah Kottke and Constance Knott.  Participating in Joseph’s Dream Ballet will be Aliza Griffis, Janet Holm, Violet Hovland, Sue Huls, Wendy Imker, Jillian Mays, Lilly McCone, Taylor Milbrath, Carli Petersen, Lily Pingeon and Erika Wells.  The Specialty Dance Ensemble will include Russell Beers, Kameron Bigelow, Zach Granda, Caleb Hauger, Kierin Lafferty, Noah Mueller, Jace Rosenau, Aliza Griffis, Violet Hovland, Kiera Lafferty, Jillian Mays, Lilly McCone, Lily Pingeon, Sydne Wahl and Erika Wells.  There will also be a Children’s Choir for students in grades 3-6.

Rehearsals are beginning this week.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the Biblical story from Genesis of Jacob and his twelve sons,  is a production by the Springfield Community Theatre and Springfield Public School Community Education and will go on stage November 19-21.  Look for musical updates and ticket information in the Advance-Press in the coming months.

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