Paul Huber  and Brady Schneeberger are pictured with George and Paul Tauer.

Grocery store change of ownership will take place on Monday, May 9

Paul and George Tauer will turn the keys to Tauer’s Grocery and Gas to Paul Huber of Canby on Monday, May 9, and the store will be known as Jim’s Market. 

Jim’s Market is named for Huber’s father, who started the chain of stores that his son owns and operates. 

Huber grew up in the grocery business in his hometown Canby.  His father, Jim Huber, got his start in the grocery business in 1965 at Fulda.  In 1968, he sold the Fulda store and purchased the grocery store in Canby.   Paul Huber purchased the business from his father in 1995 and has since added Slayton, Zimmerman, Elbow Lake and, now, Springfield to his chain of stores.  

Brady Schneeberger, 29, of Elbow Lake, will manage the Springfield store.   His father owned the grocery store in Elbow Lake for 29 years, and Brady had worked there since school days.   When Huber purchased the Elbow Lake grocery store two years ago, he hired Schneeberger to manage it.   

Both Huber and Schnee- berger grew up in small communities where their families operated grocery stores. “We understand what it’s all about,” Huber said Friday during a visit to Springfield.

“We appreciate that the Tauers considered selling the store to us,” Huber said.   “SuperValu contacted me when the Tauers were ready to retire, we worked out a deal, and when Brady was willing to move here that solidified it,” he said.

The store will continue to be associated with SuperValu foods network and supply chain, and will operate much the same as the Tauers have operated it.  Huber has no immediate plans for making changes.   “We will do some things a little bit differently . . . we will enhance what the Tauers have already done.  They have done a good job here,” Huber said. “I foresee that this fall we will possibly make some changes as far as painting and décor, and we may put new cases in some departments, he said.  “All in all the store is in great shape. It’s a well-run store.”

Schneeberger has been in Springfield in recent days getting acquainted with employees, the store and the community.   He has purchased a house and is eager to move here with his wife, Jess, and their six-month-old son, Beckett.   “I’m excited about being here,” he said.  “I have customers back in Elbow Lake that I will miss but this is a great opportunity for me to learn and grow.  I love the business and that’s why I’m in it.”  

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