Interviewer becomes Interviewee

On Thursday, Aug. 10 the tables had turned for Doris Weber, Editor of the Springfield Advance-Press.  She became the interviewee.  Normally she’s the one asking all the questions. This was an interesting situation having a tv reporter in our newspaper office.

Ashley Hanley, a news anchor and reporter for KEYC News  12, Mankato, arrived at our office with her video camera. She set up in Doris’ office and  was ready to roll.  Doris sat at her desk ready to answer questions.  Both the interviewer and interviewee seemed a bit nervous, until they started chatting about small towns and thriving communities.  

Although their interview styles are different, the two found they had a lot in common when it came to reporting the news. —A.P. Staff


See full story on page 2 of this week's issue of the Springfield Advance-Press.

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