It’s time to celebrate Riverside Days

Springfield will celebrate Riverside Days — Thursday through Sunday, June 22-25. 

Riverside Days offer opportunities to celebrate life in a small rural community. Community celebrations and festivals are modeled after festivals in Europe that were  started for religious purpose.  Immigrants brought those traditions to cities and country in the United States and developed traditions for settlers to come together on common ground to celebrate triumphs, to renew acquaintances and to have a good time. Besides being fun, celebrations bring communities together and instill a sense of community pride and knowledge of their history.

A celebration of Riverside Days is appropriate in Springfield because the Big Cottonwood River is important in the development of our community.  During early settlement days, water and rail were important modes of transportation and water was a necessity for life; therefore, pioneers put their stakes into the ground and laid claim to soil near rivers and lakes.

Many of the activities this weekend will take place in Riverside Park, but varied, public activities are planned throughout the community as well as celebrations of families and friends in private homes.

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