Julie Prechel has retired from teaching music at Springfiield Public Schools.

Julie Prechel is Teacher of the Year

After teaching music 20 years, she retires on a high note

“Music was always encouraged and promoted in our home,” said 2018 Springfield Teacher of the Year Julie Prechel during a recent interview.

“We all played some kind of instrument and we all took piano lessons,”  recalled Julie, the oldest of eight children of Bob and Helen Landkammer.  The Landkammers inspired a love of music in their children. Their farmhouse in Sundown Township was filled with the sounds of music.

 “I wanted a toy piano in second-grade,” Julie recalled. So, being good parents, the Landkammers were willing to support their child’s music hobby and purchased a real piano that was shared by the whole family. 

She inherited musical talent. Her Dad sang with a men’s group while serving in the U.S. Army, and he played in a dance band.   Her Mother played French horn in the high school band, sang in the school choir, and sang with the church choir for many years.  

“There was lots of training, lots of lessons,” Julie recalled. “I took piano lessons from Bernice Manderfeld. “I credit her for my music background.”  Julie played trumpet in the Springfield High School Band directed by Lewis Larson and sang in the school choir directed by James Coates.  She learned to play the guitar along the way, and while a student in St. Raphael School she learned to play the pipe organ, with a nun as her teacher.  


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