David KelseyBassett displays a T-Shirt and screen printer in his Screening Eagle mobile studio.

KelseyBassett takes his Screening Eagle on the road

David KelseyBassett learned various printing techniques as a high school student in graphic art classes at the Cottonwood River Technical Center in Springfield.  He is using that knowledge along with his creative and artistic talents to develop a screen printing business.

 “My favorite part of high school was attending the graphic arts program” at the CRTC, said David, who grew up in Sanborn and graduated from Sanborn-Lamberton High School in 1990. “That’s where I learned to screen print. I loved screen printing.”

He earned degrees in communications and art, with emphasis in graphic design, from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.  Then he left graphic arts behind for awhile. He joined the U.S. Marines as a reservist and served from 1999-2009, with five years of active duty. 

Recently, he has added a new dimension to his business by creating a mobile studio and taking his screen printing business on the road.

David credits his wife, Britta, for the idea of developing a mobile studio.  He had been operating his business out of their home in Lamberton.  “I really don’t like to bring strangers to the house to conduct business, and I thought a mobile studio could be the place where we could meet and where I could actually do the screen printing,” he said during a recent interview.

 The Southwest Minnesota Arts Council (SMAC) offers grant programs for organizations and individuals to provide funds to stimulate and encourage the creation, performance and appreciation of the arts in the region and also to provide financial and technical assistance to aid in the organization’s stability or development.  David made a successful application for a grant. 

“With that money I was able to invest in things I needed to do to get the mobile studio up and running and to participate in the recent Marshall Area Fine Arts Council (MAFAC) Show,” David said. As part of a grant through Southwest Minnesota Arts Council (SMAC), he purchased a 1959 Shasta camper trailer to remodel into a mobile screen printing shop.  “It was an ice house with holes in the floor. It was almost a complete rebuild,” David said.  


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