Hailstorm in Springfield.

Last week’s hailstorm caused local damage


The sudden hailstorm that plummeted the Springfield area last Tuesday afternoon, October 24, caused some tremendous property damage to roofs, siding, windows and vehicles for local residents.  Local insurance agents have been busy aiding local clients in making claims for the damage.

“With the recent hailstorm that struck the town this past week, everyone is going to have questions and concerns.  It is a tragic event but we will get through this,” Ramsey Beyer of F&M Insurance Agency stated.  “Feel free to reach out to your local agents or adjusters with any questions you may have.  Please have patience with your insurance companies as most of the town was affected,” he added.  He suggests that you use local contractors and businesses that you trust and are going to be there for you in the future.

Kelsey Fossing, State Farm Insurance, offered some tips from the company.  “After the storm, recovery can begin.  Once the storm has passed and it is safe to do so, begin to look for damage around your home and take photos.  Look for shingles in your yard, water stains on your highest ceiling, and damages to downspouts and gutters and document with photos.  Begin to make temporary repairs to roofs with tarps or boarding up broken windows and keep receipts to file for reimbursement.  

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