Richard Almich is Springfield’s interim city manager.

LeSueur Man is interim city manager

Springfield is a very attractive and well-maintained community,” says Richard F. Almich, who as interim city manager, is getting acquainted in his office and in the community.  “I’m impressed with the quality of public buildings, the schools, churches and nursing home, the beautiful parks and campground,” he noted,


 “It is a challenge to retain retail businesses in small towns, but Springfield has a very attractive downtown with some nice historic buildings and a unique variety of businesses,” he noted.  The city’s infrastructure is sound. 


Almich has 41 years of experience working in local government — 36 years working for the City of LeSueur — three years in Housing Redevelopment Authority (HRA), four years as city clerk, and the rest of the time as city administrator that included work in Economic Development Authority (EDA). Almich, who likes to be called “Rick,” received his bachelor of arts degree from St. Cloud State University in 1978.  He retired four years ago and since has been working intermittently in local government  management and advisory services.


He expects to be in Springfield about four to five months until a full-time city manager can be hired and comes to work.    “My job is to help maintain the quality of service within the city during this interim period and working with city employees,” Almich said during a recent interview. “The city council and I  have the same goal — to work together to see that the next full-time manager succeeds in the job.  We want a successful outcome.” 


The highlight of my retirement is doing this,” he said.  Retired from his full-time job several years ago, he said, “I have had many good experiences, met good people, good  mayors, councilors and city employees. I have had positive experiences” 


He is hired for a three-day work week. “I’ll be in Springfield Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in a typical week . . . subject to change when necessary,” he noted.  

He enjoys being associated in government work three or four days a week, and having a long weekend. 

“I’m doing what I love,” he concluded.  


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