“Snow Courteous”

Let’s all be “snow courteous” this snowy winter season


There is snow everywhere these days!  Our last two storms have dumped a tremendous amount of everyone’s favorite “white stuff” on Springfield and the surrounding area.  With over a foot last week, there has been a lot of snow removal and clearing taking place.  The city crews and many residential and business owners have done a wonderful job of getting the snow moved to make everything more accessible for everyone.

Moving and clearing snow is very important for the postal service and other delivery services.  With so much shopping done online, there are numerous deliveries taking place every day and those deliveries can be much more efficient when snow and ice has been cleared.  

Meals On Wheels makes deliveries five days a week, too.  So, please be courteous and get those walks and front doorways cleared so those deliveries can be made.  Also, if you have elderly neighbors, please help them out by clearing the snow for them.

Common Snow-Clearing Ettiquette

•You should always shovel out in front of your house.  Clean off your stoop and the sidewalk area directly in front of your home.

•When shoveling out and moving your vehicle, be courteous to your neighbors.  Don’t park in front of the neighbors who have already cleared out their parking spots and sidewalks.  Once  your parking area has been cleared, move your vehicles back in a timely manner.

•Be a good citizen and shovel out the fire hydrants in your neighborhood.  This, in turn, makes your neighborhood much safer.

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