Lorie Frederiksen is pictured with Red Cross phlebotomist Jessica Arntzen as she prepares to give blood.

Lorie Frederiksen gives 90th unit ‘Gift of Life’

Lorie Frederiksen gave her ninetieth unit of blood on June 29 when the Red Cross Bloodmobile was in Springfield.

Yes, that qualified her for her 11-Gallon Blood Donor pin two units ago — and Lorie is working on her twelfth gallon.

She feels good about giving blood and that’s the reason she is a regular donor of the “gift of life.”

Lorie has O Negative type blood and has the opportunity to help people in emergency situations. O-negative blood group is relatively rare compared to other blood groups. A person with O-negative blood group is a universal donor as O-negative blood can be transfused to any blood group. This is very important in emergency situations when a person requires immediate blood transfusion and there is no time to test his/her blood group. Such person can be transfused an O-negative blood.

“I’m thankful that I can give blood,” Lorie said. “That’s a blessing in itself  besides being able to share it with someone who needs it.”

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