Marissa Humburg

Music Therapy comes to St. John’s


Everyone is exposed to music in one form or another every day.  Some have favorite styles, artists and genres that they relate to very well.  We have all found ourselves humming or singing a tune that has stuck in our heads that we heard on television, radio or a social media device.

Did you know that music is also very therapeutic?  According to a definition taken from the American Music Therapy Association, “music therapy is the clinical and evidence based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.”

Music therapy is becoming recognizable as a tool to address a variety of healthcare issues and goals.  St. John’s Circle of Care now has the services of a music therapist that visits the campus.   Marissa Humburg visits St. John’s weekly and spends 30-60 minutes with residents who live in Riverhaven, their memory care unit.  She also works with the other nursing home residents twice a month and visits The Maples twice a month where the residents engage in a bell choir.  She works with several other long-term care facilities in the Mankato area.

Music therapy is for people of all ages.  Music is a tool that can be adapted to meet individual needs.  Often you will find music therapists working in different settings such as children’s hospitals, long-term care facilities, independent and assisted living communities, hospice care and prisons.

“Music is an adaptable tool that, when applied by a board-certified music therapist, creates opportunities to maintain cognitive functioning, enhance physical being, provide an outlet for socialization, reminiscing and increase self-worth or self-actualization,” Humburg said.

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