Tim and Kahla Petersen and Oakley, their 4-year-old schnoodle, demonstrate the blow dry operation at Petersen Pet Wash.  Note that the professional grooming tub is positioned waist high with walk-up ramp to assist larger dogs into the tub. It is equipped with adjustable water temperatures and dryers with forced lukewarm air.

Petersens open pet wash

Tim and Kahla Petersen recently opened a self-serve pet wash at 401 North Jefferson Avenue along U.S. Highway 14 on the northeast corner of Springfield.

Self-serve dog grooming and dog wash stations offer the perfect solution for keeping beloved animals clean and happy.

The service makes dog owners happy, too. In fact, to most dog owners, the self-service pet wash is a convenience they simply can’t live without.  No more bending over your tub at home or bathing outside with cold water!  No wet towels, no furballs lining the bathtub, no messy cleanup at home, no costly grooming bills, and no appointment necessary.

This is how it works: Free disinfectant is offered before putting your pooch into the tub. (There are a couple of large plastic aprons to protect your clothes.) Then you have the choice of shampoo that includes a medicated shampoo, one for flea and tick control, and another to completely and instantly neutralize skunk odor on your pet. “People who have used it say it really works,” commented Kahla.   Then there’s conditioner, rinse and blow dry. The cost is $8 for a 10-minute wash.

After a trip to the pet wash, Fido returns home clean and happy, smelling like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

While it’s a new service to Springfield, the Petersens have experience in the business, having a pet wash and car wash in Redwood Falls for the past 10 years.

In fact, Tim custom built the pet wash system for Springfiel.  “This is the only system with a blow dryer that is heated,” said Tim. He designed his dryer with lukewarm air and more pressure than other systems.  The system is user friendly and crafted with exceptional quality. The interior walls of the self-serve pet wash are made of white fiberglass reinforced plastic wall panels. The lighting is LED. (If one enters the building in at dark, the lights will automatically come on when the door is opened.)

The wash station is tough enough to handle whatever kind of excitement self-serve dog washing may bring.

Petersen Pet Wash is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Coming soon to Petersen’s Pet Wash is a credit card system and a vending machine that will provide snacks (pet treats) or towels.

The Petersens are planning a grand opening in the spring or early summer.  “I want to be sure everything works well before we have our grand opening,” commented Tim.  “Most people would prefer to come when    the weather is nice,” added Kahla.

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