Approximately 20 volunteer firemen worked on a LP burn last Wednesday evening as part of their training with the Springfield Fire Department.

Practice makes perfect for Fire Department

On the evening of July 15, the Springfield Fire Department had a practice LP burn in a vacant lot across from Muske, Suhrhoff & Pidde. 

The Springfield Fire Department practices twice a month. They do numerous types of practices like, equipment practices, ladder practices, hook-up practices, drafting practices. The list goes on. 

During last Wednesday’s training, approximately 20 volunteer fireman practiced on a propane burn. 

While the laws have changed over the years propane tanks can be right next to a building to 25 feet away, explained Fire Chief Tim Gramentz. 

The LP practice went quite well. 

“The LP tank had a really high flame, it was a very good practice. Very hot,” said Gramentz. “We get a lot of younger firemen and we want to make sure they can all work with each other. We ran everyone through it to make sure they know how it needs to be done.”

Gramentz and the Springfield Fire Department would like to thank Farmward Cooperative. who supplied the LP truck and LP to train on.

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