Kyle Quesenberry

Quesenberrys in COR PowerSports snowmobile cross country race series


By Jeff Krueger

   Snowmobiles have always been a favorite pastime sport of the Quesenberry family—Harmon, Megan, Tori, Kate and Kyle.  “There is something about being out in the open on the machine that gives you a shot of adrenaline.  It is just a feel-good feeling taking in the scenery from the seat of a snowmobile that is so different than being in a car or truck,” Harmon stated in a recent interview.  

According to Explore Minnesota, snowmobiling comes in right behind cross-country skiing as  popular Minnesota winter sport activities.   Snowmobiling the trails can be very peaceful and take you off the road, into the woods or other places you would never see otherwise.  “I have to say, my favorite thing about snowmobiling is being able to enjoy it with family and friends.  The time we spend together is special—whether it is riding to a nearby community to have dinner or going on a trip to the North Woods, it is quality time shared together with lots of laughs and smiles,” Harmon added.  “Snowmobiling has given my family and I some amazing memories,” Kyle shared.

Their love of the sport and racing led Harmon and Kyle to get involved in COR PowerSports racing.  “Kyle found COR PowerSports while searching the internet looking for a regional cross country race and COR was the closest thing we could find for cross country racing,” Harmon said.

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