Range Road intersection set to be temporarily closed

As part of the weekly Central Street weekly updates provided by the City, the Range Road intersection will be closed in the near future. Additional information will be provided by the City next week. The City had provided a recommended alternate route to be able to access the industrial park. Until the intersection is closed you can continue to access off of Range Road or Industrial Road to the Frontage Road for access to the Industrial Park.

In other updates: 

O’Connell Avenue intersection will be closed during the placement of curb and gutter and concrete sidewalks. Please use alternate routes as needed.

Spring Avenue and Park Avenue intersections are open to local traffic. There is still construction related activities occurring in the area. Please use caution while traveling in the work area.

The intersections of Burns Avenue (South of Central Street), and Bagen Avenue (North of Central Street) remain closed. Use alternate routes for access to school until further notice.

The intersections of Ray Avenue, Mary Avenue, Hoyt Avenue and Paffrath Avenue remain closed at this time.

As always with school in session and ,traffic increases around the Central Street area, please be mindful that construction traffic and workers will remain in these areas. Central Street is the primary access route for the crews performing work on the project.

Construction Schedule:

Concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk work will continue this week from O’Connell Avenue to Spring Avenue.  Curb and gutter from Park Avenue to Ray Avenue is scheduled for this week.

Sanitary Sewer installation is completed up to Range Rd.

Watermain service connections continue from Hoyt Ave. to Range Rd.

Storm Sewer from Hoyt Avenue to Paffrath Avenue will follow once service connections have been completed.

Graveling is mostly completed up to Hoyt Avenue.  Sidewalk and driveway preparation and graveling will follow.

Electrical lighting fixtures are complete up to Spring Avenue. Work will continue west near the new connection of Central Street to TH 14.

Grading and restoration work on the west end of Central Street along TH 14 (near Runnings entrance) will continue this week.

For the most up-to-date information and construction notices. Text “CENTRAL2020” to 888777 to sign up for Nixle Alerts.

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