Adolphson’s, on the corner of Central St. and Marshall Ave., in the early 1970s.

Remembering Springfield women’s clothiers


Fashion trends tend to come and go.  Women are driven more by style trends while men tend to purchase and stick with items that are practical and they are comfortable with.  Women’s styles have changed drastically from what they were fifty to sixty years ago.  Most women of that era were usually very “dressed up” whenever they left the home.  Dresses, skirts, heels and accessories created the fashion “look” and jeans were “stay at home” attire.

Springfield has always adapted to the fashion trends of the times.  In earlier years, unlike shopping online today, the residents depended upon the local clothing retailers to keep them “in vogue” by offering a plethora of options for casual and dress-up attire.   How many of you remember shopping at the exclusive women’s clothing stores in downtown Springfield—Adolphson’s, LJ Larson’s, Christine’s, Judy Lee’s, The Emporium, Country Casuals, New Dimensions and Reflections?

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