Riverside Animal Clinic expands services to Redwood Falls area

Riverside Animal Clinic

expands services to

Redwood Falls area

 Riverside Animal Clinic, owned by Dr. Phil Gill, Dr. Phil Sadler and Dr. Jason Beyer, has purchased Redwood Veterinarians P.A. and are merging the business into the local practice that also includes a Sleepy Eye clinic.

A fourth veterinarian — Dr. Christina Wagner —  recently joined the team to help cover the expanded client base.

All four are generalists who treat animals of all types, large and small.

The team took the opportunity to expand their services to Redwood Falls with the retirement of Dr. Bryan Nelson, after 33 years.

Dr. Nelson, 59, had owned and operated Redwood Veterinarians PA since 1982. Dr. Glenn Madsen joined several years later, first as an employee, then as a business partner. Dr. Madsen had been on medical leave since April, and Dr. Nelson has chosen to retire.

The local doctors of veterinary medicine took the opportunity to buy an established practice and expand their service area. Riverside Animal Clinic officially assumed ownership of Redwood Veterinarians November 1.

 “We had been picking up a number of large animal calls from that area,” said Dr. Gill during a recent interview. “We had also been taking some emergency calls on weekends.”

“We had been stopping to visit every once in a while to see how things were going,” Dr. Gill noted.   During a visit in July when the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association toured the Redwood Falls area, Dr. Gill stopped at Redwood Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Nelson indicated that he was interested in selling the business.

The doctors of veterinary medicine maintain an alternating schedule with one of the four going to Redwood Falls one day a week. “We’ll send two or three if needed,” Dr. Gill said. “Whoever is on weekend calls takes the calls Friday and Saturday.”

The Springfield, Sleepy Eye and Redwood Falls offices are linked by computer communication system and the schedule can be viewed at all sites

They have retained the office staff at Redwood clinic, Ann Bruns and Mary Rice. Karen Schmid and Kris Jeckell are employed in the Sleepy Eye office.   Karla Kuisle and Callie Walden are office staff in the Springfield     headquarters. 

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