Chris Rothmeier of CR Consulting and Design

Rothmeier opens CR Consulting & Design

Taking a construction design from a piece of paper to a finished product is very rewarding for Chris Rothmeier.   He recently started his own business incorporating that concept.  CR Consulting and Design is a new business in Springfield.  The business is set up in his home at 520 West Central and is open by appointment only.

CR Consulting and Design puts customer’s visions of building or remodeling plans on paper.  “I draw plans for various projects using Softplan Architectural Design Software.  I just updated to the new 2022 release, as they keep adding more features and functions to help bring the best design to the customer,” Chris said in a recent interview.  “I do anything from new homes to shop/houses, additions, kitchen/interior remodels and more.  The best case scenario for me is getting the customer from point A to point B using as much of their ideas as possible,” he added.

Rothmeier primarily does residential design work—anything in and around the home.  He can provide 3D renderings to help bring understanding to how a project could look once it is completed.  “I work primarily from my home, mostly evenings and weekends to not interfere much with my main occupation.  I do site measuring and consultation by appointment and the evenings and weekends seem to work well for customers so that they don’t have to take off from their jobs,” he said.

His interest in construction trades started in high school.  He participated in CADD drafting taught by Gary Walworth.  It was a good introduction into how things go together.  The class participated in a design/model building competition that took construction trades a step further.

Chris worked for Clements Lumber for approximately nine years, seven of those managing the Redwood Falls location.  Prior to that, he worked as a designer for Clayton Manufacturing (modular homes), a variety of positions for Matthew Hall Lumber and at Clements Lumber while in high school.  All those positions helped him gain experience in different areas of the industry.  “I’ve been in and around the building materials/construction side of things for 20+ years with different companies.  Being in a few different organizations was valuable in experiencing different viewpoints, ways of doing business and thought processes,” he said.  “It really helps me think outside the box and be open to new ideas and concepts.  This is an ever-changing industry and if you don’t adapt you can easily prove yourself to be obsolete,” he added.


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