Joe Schieffert’s Superior Transportation Services, Inc. have purchased Richert’s Bus Service from Ken Richert.

School Bus Service changes ownership

Students riding the big yellow buses to Springfield schools boarded vehicles bearing the name, Superior Transportation Services, Inc., Monday morning.  

Ken Richert has sold his Richert’s Bus Service to Superior Transportation Services, Inc. owned by Joe and Ashley Schieffert of Sleepy Eye.  The transfer of ownership took place Friday, January 30.

Schieffert has experience in the bus business, and formerly was associated with his father in the bus service in Sleepy Eye.

“Springfield is a good community,” of similar size and close to where we live, and there is a good group of bus drivers here,” Schieffert said, Friday following the signing of papers that closed the buy/sell agreement.

Richert and local school officials said their best interests are to maintain a local service to operate the school buses.

The new owner will retain the present staff.   “It’s a benefit to have the experience,” Schieffert said.

The local service operates with 13 buses; seven buses on the route along with four support vehicles. The balance of the buses are used for spares or extra curricular activities.

Superior Transportation Services, Inc. provides transportation to Head Start at Elysian, Danube and Monticello.  Because of those existing operations that take place from June through December each year, the drivers in Springfield will have opportunities to keep busy during the summer if they choose.

Schieffert and Richert became well acquainted during the past 10 years as they communicated, shared resources and offered assistance to each other. The buy-sell deal “started as a joke” some time ago, Richert commented, “I always told him that he could buy my buses when he was interested.”

Richert had operated the local bus service since 1986.  He says he will assist the new owner in any way possible, and    continue to come to the company’s offices where the drivers congregate for coffee and conversation mornings and afternoons, The best part of the business, he says, was “talking to the little kids, having fun with them, and working with people at the school.”  Semi-retirement, he says, will give him more time to enjoy his hobby of woodworking, and to go fishing.  “I’ll miss the kids, but I’ll go up to school from time to time to visit and harass the teachers,” he said with a chuckle.


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Joe Schieffert’s Superior Transportation Services, Inc. have purchased Richert’s Bus Service from Ken Richert.  


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