Adam Conroy

The Springfield Advance-Press sold to Publisher Adam Conroy

by D.J. Hedstrom

Advance-Press Publisher

From the day I was born and the rest of my life I will recognize the fragrance of ink and newsprint. After a lifetime in the printing business, I’m hanging up my apron and am pleased to announce the sale of the Springfield Advance-Press and Springfield Shopper.

The new owner, Adam Conroy of Madison, will take possession May 1, 2019.  Adam owns two other newspapers, the Madison Western Guard and The Canby News.

Adam grew up in Wheaton. His wife, Dana, is a television producer for Pioneer Public Television, producing the show “Postcards.” They have three children, Mya, 14, Teagan, 8, and Rowan, six weeks.  They love time at the lake, water and snow skiing, kayaking and other outdoor activities. Adam is an absolute sports fanatic, playing amateur baseball for 12 years (now shifting to slow pitch softball) and pick-up basketball whenever possible. Each year he and a group of friends play in a flag football tournament at US Bank Stadium.  One of the reasons Springfield appealed to him is because we have some of the best Class A sports teams in the state.

He has always loved reading weekly newspapers, still subscribes to the Wheaton Gazette and believes the newspaper is a direct reflection of a community, documenting the business, recreation, education, athletic and economic history, as well as promoting the future. Adam is very excited to be involved with the Springfield Advance-Press as well as the Springfield community.  He said, “I love small towns and what they represent.  From what I have seen, Springfield does it right!  The town is beautiful. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, learning more about the community and putting out the best newspaper we can.”

My hopes are that the people of Springfield will give Adam and Dana a warm and enthusiastic welcome, just as they did when Peter and I became a part of the community June 1, 1974.  One month short of 45 years is a great run. Many thanks to our customers, friends and the community of Springfield.  Alas, it is time for me to retire.

Springfield Advance-Press

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