Char Frank and employees of Springfield Floral and Décor by Char — Denise Wellner, Linda Haak, Cheryl Lang, Kevin Schwartz, and Barb Jones.

Springfield Floral and Décor by Char opens showcase for decorations

Char Frank, owner and operator of Springfield Floral and Décor by Char, announces the opening of Emporium II, where she will show the building and decorating supplies during Springfield’s Holiday Open House Wednesday, November 8, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.    

 Emporium II is located in the former Farmers Creamery building at the corner of Central Street and O’Connell Avenue.  “We will be calling it Emporium II, rather than referring to it as the creamery building,” Char said during a recent interview.

Char is renting the building from the Saloneks.   “It’s such a blessing that I found this building,” she said.  “It is a good, solid building with a heritage in Springfield and an excellent business location.” 

Char has been in the decorating business for 35 years. Twenty-one years ago, she started her own decorating business and has accumulated an abundance of supplies.  “With five daughters and one son, we couldn’t go wrong investing in wedding accessories,” she said.   From there, it has mushroomed into a wedding/event decorating business. 

The products and services offered are: florals, bridal bouquets and table florals in both silks and fresh flowers, formal head table, decorated functional tables, back drops with lighting, draping for ceiling with lighting, guest table centerpieces with table runners, arch and columns, and more. 

She had kept all the properties at their family farm near Wabasso. “Having a building in Springfield with easy access to the supplies is more convenient for us and for our clients, and much more efficient,” said Char.   “We are using so much more fresh flowers now, and we can go down the street, get the pieces and bring them back to the floral shop to work on them.”

Three years ago in October, Char Frank started working at Springfield Floral, and in January 2015 she purchased the flower shop, assumed operations as well as ownership, and incorporated Décor by Char into the business.  “It goes so hand in hand and it can be really exciting,” she said.

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