Brooke Jensen currently works with two remarkable dogs, Otis and Foxy.

Springfield grad trains stock dogs


Brooke Jensen is a 2021 graduate of Springfield High School. Earlier this year she, along with her Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) Stock Dog Team members, received recognition for competing at the Heartstrong Classic in Yuma, Colo.

Brooke is an active member of the NCTA Stock Dog Team which offers students valuable training in herding dogs and their ability to move livestock with minimal stress. The team meets twice a week for practice sessions at a spacious indoor arena on campus. Additionally, they hold regular meetings to discuss strategies, share insights, and foster a supportive community of like-minded individuals. The team serves as a platform for Brooke to enhance her skills and learn from fellow classmates.

Brooke currently works with two remarkable dogs, Otis and Foxy. “Otis is a black and white Purebred Border Collie,” said Jensen adding, “He knows all his commands and right now we are just working on tuning him to perfection.” Otis is approaching his second birthday and is Brooke’s primary trial dog. Together they showcase their strong bond and synchronized teamwork.

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