Market Manager Dan Anderson and crew were busy resetting counters this past week as they worked on remodeling Springfield Market.

Springfield Market remodeling underway

Changes are taking place at Springfield Market!  The market began its construction and reset project in the store last week.  The finished product will be a fresh, new, up-to-date look that will be pleasing for all local and area shoppers.

The remodel project will be done in phases.  Phase One has been completed with all new LED lighting throughout the store.  Most of this work was done overnight.  The store is now much brighter and energy efficient with the new lighting.

Phase Two of the project has now begun.  It involves tearing up old floor tile, laying new flooring and moving and resetting product aisles.  Work began in the freezer section on the east side of the store and will move westward.  All new fixtures and shelving will be installed as product aisles are relocated and reset.  

There will be lots of things moving around and relocated during the project.  The market will stay open and keep things as shoppable as possible, especially with regard to all basic items.  If you have questions or cannot find a product, please ask the store associates who will be happy to help you find them.

After everything is in its new home, maps will be available to make shoppers acquainted with the up-to-date look at Springfield Market.

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