G.M. “Mike” Pieschel

Springfield remembers Mike Pieschel, banker, community leader, philanthropist

The people of Springfield area and friends and business associates from a broader community are remembering G.M. “Mike” Pieschel, who died February 27, after a brief illness.

Mike was a picture of good health for a nonagenarian, so it was a shock when we learned that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January, and we were too soon saddened by his death. He had been hospitalized a few days in Rochester, and returned to Springfield on Tuesday, February 26.   Life had come full circle;  he was home where he was born June 22, 1927, and where he died on the evening of Wednesday, February 27, 2019. 

Mike had spent time at his desk in the Farmers & Merchants Bank in recent days, and his sudden demise cast a gloom over the bank’s staff, family and friends in our community as well as those in a broader community as a result of friendships and relationships built through business and professional associations through the years. 


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