Local artist Neil Neidt is pictured holding a banner with one of his popular pieces of art work on it.

Springfield showcased on banners

Last year, the Springfield Area Convention and Visitors Bureau asked for the community’s help for a project. 

The group asked the community for photos and artwork which highlighted Springfield. The photos were to be placed on banners which will be hung on Highway 14, Cass Ave and eventually downtown. 

The community responded to the request by sending in their favorite photos. A number of photos were picked and the completed banners were recently received. 

Several photos sent in by local artist and former teacher, Neil Neidt, were picked for the banners. 

“It’s exciting,” said Neidt when he saw one of the banners with his photo on it. He added, “I walk daily and since I was an art teacher that taught photography, if something catches my eye, I take a photo.” 

He further explained that some of his photographs are very intentional and others he just happened to be at the right spot at the right time. 

One of his photos that was picked for a banner, may seem familiar to some locals. It is a photo of the Cottonwood river taken from the North shore. 

“That one has been sold to a lot of local people as a canvass design and is hanging in people’s homes,” said Neidt. 

About a dozen different banners showcasing Springfield have been made. The banners will soon be hung in town. 

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