Springfield Election judges from left, Mary Schmitz, Paul Tauer, Darlene Fretham and Cheryl Diede.

Super Tuesday in Springfield

Super Tuesday Presidential Primary results in Springfield mirrored those of Brown County, the state of Minnesota and much of the rest of the country. 

Though voter turnout was very low, with just 132 votes cast out of 1,104 registered voters (12 percent), Joe Biden was the Democratic choice.  Donald Trump, being the only name on the ballot for the Republican Party, was the near unanimous pick. 

In Springfield’s Ward 1, Biden received 27 votes and Trump received 25 votes.  Coming in second for the DFL was Bernie Sanders with six votes and Elizabeth Warren was the only other candidate receiving votes with two. 

In Springfield Ward 2, Trump received 30 of 31 Republican votes. 

Biden received 17 votes, followed by 11 for Sanders, five each for Warren and Michael Bloomberg, and one apiece for Amy Klobuchar and Tulsi Gabbard - both whom had already dropped out of the race. 

In Brown County, voter turnout was 18 percent.  

Trump received 1,099 of 1,108 votes for the Republican party. 

Biden was the clear DFL favorite with 650 votes, followed by 336 for Sanders, 218 for Bloomberg, 215 for Klobuchar and 148 for Warren.  Several other DFL candidates received less than 40 votes apiece. 

In the state of Minnesota, Trump received 137,214 out of 140,516 Republican votes. 

The DFL race garnered much more attention as Biden came in first with 287,444 votes, followed by Sanders with 222,521, Warren with 114,755, Bloomberg 62,064 and Klobuchar 41,508.  No other candidate received more than 8,000 votes.

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said in a statement on March 4, “Results are still unofficial, but my office is reporting over 885,000 primary voters, or statewide turnout of 21.7%. That 885,000 represents a 177% increase compared to participants in the 2016 caucuses. 

“I am thrilled that Minnesotans turned out in these numbers for our new presidential primary. The purpose of this new election was to swing the doors wide open to more participation, and yesterday we saw just that. 

I’m heartened by this display of our state’s civic engagement. I, my office, and local officials around the state now look ahead to the August primary and November general election, and look forward to providing the same secure and reliable service to the people of Minnesota.”

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